A Serenity NOW Massage - Therapy for the Soul!

We don't do maternity massage.

We have both male and female therapists.

We are open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. in Avon Lake by appointment only.

When using our couples massage option...a second therapist will be selected as available, and we cannot guarantee same day booking.  The time selected or date may require change based on availability of therapists.

You can use one Groupon for each person on a scheduled couples massage.

Groupons can be used once in a lifetime.  Returning customers can access our VIP programs for future visits.

You should not enter a coupon code when booking a massage.  Adjustments are taken at time of visit.  Please bring your coupon as form of payment, or use our price match or VIP price request.

Our Price Match program allows us to offer our current coupon price to returning or referred customers.  No need to purchase a coupon, just ask us for that price match at time of visit.

If you like us on Facebook or Twitter you are a VIP.  Flash Deals are available as posted.  Join our email program for more deals and updates!

Offering Dermattude products in our Avon Lake office or online.  FREE Shipping with orders over $45.

Body sugaring treatments by Judith are available for  in home scheduling for your convenience, and her products are available in Avon Lake and on her website..  FREE Shipping with orders online over $45.

We are currently offering an all NEW The Art of Massage for Couples class to help calm each others minds and center your lives, teaching couples where to massage in their house for best results for hand, foot, back and limb techniques...book online!

We've added Infrared sauna blanket treatment as an effective tool for natural healing and prevention by heat penetrating the human tissue and in turn producing a host of benefits such as detoxification, relaxation, lower blood pressure, anti-aging and skin purification, cell health, weight loss, pain relief, improved circulation, and wound healing.  Client wears scrubs and they are wrapped in our infrared blanket for 45 minutes and can burn up to 600 calories during one session.  Treatments may include a seaweed skinny wrap option or additional weight loss continuation.

Essential Oil Vitaflex treatments have also been included as add on options for sciatica, spine, pancreas, brain and shoulder assistance.  RAIN DROP THERAPY/HERBAL DETOX TREATMENT is also available which includes aromatherapy, reflexology, essential oil application and spinal massage techniques to assist you in detoxing and relaxing the spine and reconnecting the nerve endings between the spine and feet.

Try ZIJA by checking out CJ's website

Ask us about pampering events such as "Girls Night Out or IN" , bachelor parties, wedding party specials, divorce parties, fireman specials, UAW or office parties or chair massages.
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