A Serenity NOW Massage - Therapy for the Soul!

READ THOROUGHLY before booking online OR calling OR texting with issues!

IF YOUHAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE A COUPON.  (Our vendors only allow you to purchase one for yourself and up to 5 as gifts.  If you purchased more please gift them to others.)  For current customers we offer our VIP program as well as PRICE MATCH to save us the 50% marketing fees and enable us to pay our therapists more.


1)  Click on the picture of the  "BOOKS" below once you have read instruction in their entirety.

(do not use mobile app on smartphone, must use full website AT BOTTOM OF PHONE APP PAGE.)

2)  When CHOOSING How many guests?  Choose "Justme" (even if looking for a couples massage this is veryimportant)!  Follow this exact instruction or you will get an error!!!!

3)  SELECT What kind? from drop down menu, i.e., massage, meditation).  Choose "Massages".  Select service (if couples, choose couples massage and it will book 2 people same time.)  Select this service icon in blue box to the right

4)  Pick a date (or just hit "Find Appointment" for TODAY).  It will pull up any available for today or that future date selected.  You can scroll thru dates available just above available appointments.  See blue icon.   If booking for two people at same time you only have to book one appointment under same name for two people at the same time.  Pick a female if you want at least one female for couples massage, system will pick second masseuse available.

5)  Select the time and person you want.  If you have an account with us already, please type in your email and password or continue without logging in.  

6)  Fill in name, email and phone number.  (DO NOT put in Coupon Code!). Very important!!!!  Error code will occur.

7)  Accept the cancellation policy by checking the box under email.  HIT CONFIRM BOOKING.   

You will receive an email confirmation of your booked appointment, as well as a reminder 24 hours in advance.  

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