A Serenity NOW Massage - Therapy for the Soul!

READ THOROUGHLY before booking online OR texting with issues!

IF YOU HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE A COUPON.  (Our vendors only allow you to purchase one for yourself and up to 5 as gifts.  If you purchased more please gift them to others or request a refund from the coupon vendor.)  For existing customers we offer our Facebook or Twitter VIP program as well as PRICE MATCH to save us the 50% marketing fees and enable us to pay our therapists more.  We have started sending VIP specials thru email to all of our online clients as well.  Keep your eyes open for great deals ONLY our current customers have access to.


Click on the picture of the  "BOOKS" below once you have read instruction in their entirety.

Ensure you are on the APPOINTMENTS tab.  View your appointments in right column or follow instructions to select your type and time.  SCROLL far right and down if you get a blank page once you select.  Proceed to SUBMIT.  You will receive an email confirmation of your booked appointment, as well as a reminder 24 hours in advance.  

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