A Serenity NOW Massage - Therapy for the Soul!

Masters in the art of relaxation, we are massage artists blessed with the talent to manipulate muscles in to art forms that harmonize with the body, mind and soul...with a spiritual blessing passed on to all who enter...our goal is to make sure all leave in that floaty euphoric state of mind that transcends all outside issues one may be dealing with.  We offer the following pricing for:

$15 FOR 10 MIN
$25 FOR 30 MIN
$45 FOR 60 MIN
$65 FOR 90 MIN
Art of Massage for Couples Class $75

$10 FOR 60 MIN (guided)

Click BOOK NOW (read all instructions before proceeding) to view our calendar availability and pick your date and time for A Serenity NOW Massage!  

FAQ:  we do not do prenatal massage, Devin is a male, Kelly is female, we offer couples massages in the same room, we have 5 massage artists...

We encourage you to check back for special offers, events, and new updates to our website. Thank you and namaste!
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